Cards Against HR

A party game for people who call BS on Buzzwords

What is Cards Against HR?

Cards Against HR is a party game that confirms what you already know deep in your soul. Slinging buzzwords sounds ridiculous. Unlike most of the party games you've played before, Cards Against HR is a shockingly larger waste of time.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a red card, and everyone else answers with their most idiotic white card. 

We just went to reprint again!
Claim your limited edition deck now.

Pro tip: more BS = more fun! Nag your friends to reserve their own and collect all 3 unique decks so you can waste more time together. Because teamwork.

Rant with Us

"Perfect timing since we don’t have Jack Welch to kick around anymore"Kris Dunn

"The most fun HR has had since the Zappos Drinking Game was invented"Tim Sackett

"Seat at the table? Unless the table is at 2:30AM at Tao, I am not interested."Steve Boese

"This game gives HR an excuse to say 'penis envy' without fear of an HR investigation. In the context of HR and Vegas, it's even better."Jessica Miller-Merrell

"Pass the Pinot Grigio"Madeline Laurano

"Finally; a chance to use the skill set I developed getting that seat at the table."Robin Schooling

"HR should create policies against games like this"Bryon Abramowitz